En 2019 des chercheurs chinois (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.etap.2019.05.001) ont mis en évidence que le d-Limonène, constituant principal des capsules AISA contenant le cocktail reformulé de monoterpènes issus d'écorces d’oranges bio, a des effets protecteurs de la neuro-inflammation, du stress et de la dépression, par un mécanisme direct inactivant les voies de signalisation du cortisol.

The Discovery

AISA 5203-L is a breakthrough discovery with safe, clinically proven and highly effective properties in the field of cellular revitalization.

The first and only bioactive molecule capable to tackle the inner causes of inflammaging.

Its unique properties help reprogram senescent cells and restore their original self-repair ability.

Found in Orange Peel Extract (OPE), it contains a cocktail of monoterpenes calibrated after extraction by AISA technology.

Identified under the name AISA 5203-L, this molecule is 100% organic and totally safe.